At Rapidlink Telecoms we provide the following services and our numerous clients rely on our professionalism at all times.

INTERCONNECT EXCHANGE (CLEARING HOUSE) SERVICES : Rapidlink Telekoms Limited is duly licensed by the Nigerian Communication Commission NCC and authorized to offer interconnect services in Nigeria. We are connected to ..READ MORE

INTERNATIONAL DATA ACCESS (Call Traffic Termination) : Rapidlink is set to launch our International Data Access Service to our clients as we await NCC approval and issuance ...READ MORE

BILLING, RECONCILIATION AND SETTLEMENT : In Rapidlink, we deploy a billing, settlement and dispute management system that is very smart, smooth, rapid and above all accurate. Our billing … READ MORE

TELECOM INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT : Connectivity is a vital component of daily life, and Rapidlink Telekoms works with wireless carriers to ensure their customers are better … READ MORE

BROADBAND NETWORK :Rapidlink and partners has over two decades of experience in delivering Multi-Play Broadband Networks. Such services like Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Telephony; … READ MORE

SECURITY AND SURVEILLANCE : Rapidlink Telekoms and Partners have delivered several Public and Private turn-key security and surveillance projects. We supply and install Bio-metric … READ MORE

RENEWABLE/ALTERNATIVE ENERGY AND POWER SOLUTIONS: Our energy Projects wing, handles all energy related projects. Our group is registered with AEDB (Alternative Energy Develop … READ MORE

ENGINEERING CONSULTING AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT: As part of our commitment to introduce innovative technologies cementing the foundations of a connected society, Rapidlink…. READ MORE